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Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?


When I nestled in before the holidays and started reading a book called Does This Pregnancy Make Me look Fat?, I thought maybe it was a book that wouldn’t apply to myself very much. After having 3 children and way beyond the pregnancy stage, I thought it would be a lighthearted read that, at most, would have left me wishing that I had read it years ago. Turns out, I could not have been more wrong.

‘woman is pregnant, glows and smiles, has a baby
and they all lived happily ever after
{wearing skinny jeans as she leaves the hospital}’
…wake up, people!

If you are a mother, you’ll know that motherhood is anything but simple. The topic of pregnancy and parenting isn’t just for issues of ‘Parents’ magazine and other such magazines. Any tabloid, woman’s magazine and fashion-based magazines have all seemed to hit a massive baby-craze. And unlike honest support, they all seem to have the same blunt and sugar-coated message of motherhood that I wrote earlier – Celebrity gets pregnant and glows walking the red-carpet. Celebrity has baby and is ‘over the moon’ {I swear, If I hear that anymore I’m gonna puke}, and celebrity walks the runway 2 weeks later….wait, did I do something wrong, ’cause my experience was Nothing like that!
Unless you have a personal trainer waiting outside the delivery room, a chef or two, the access to photo-shopped and airbrushed pictures – your own story may be a little different than the ones you read about as well. In my case, most of the glow I encountered was the facial sweat running off my face as I attempted to get my swollen body off the couch. During pregnancy, I loved my growing belly, but not the muffin top and stretch marks that was left behind. Before reading this book, I accepted the way my body changed, or at least I thought I had. Have I really scowled at myself in the mirror so much that I don’t even notice anymore?

Does This Pregnancy Makes Me look Fat:? The Essential Guide To Loving Your Body Before an After Baby was a delightful read that essentially made me feel great. It’s written by Claire Mysko, the director of an eating disorders organization; and Magali Amadï, an internationally renowned model. They had teamed up with a goal of educating woman, and raising awareness on eating disorders. Yet they found that woman were sharing with then, their own personal dieting {yo-yo} stories, confessed painful secrets, or told of their exasperation at friends who weren’t eating enough. After Magali got pregnant herself, they realized an entire world of issues relating to the pressures of the scale when it came to motherhood.

The book is witty and candid, offering real-life situations and stories of over 400 interviewed women, on the topic of biggest body concerns in pregnancy and motherhood. This book covers topics from confidence while pregnant, the truth about celebrity ‘Bump Watches’ and beyond. Each stage of pregnancy is explored and all the body changes that come with it, are discussed. Though the book is divided into clever and organized topics and chapters, I just had to read from cover to cover. From the very first page, it made me feel better because it spoke the truth. Whether you are thinking about becoming pregnant, currently expecting, or are a been-there-done-that mother like myself – you will get something from this book. I am particularly drawn to the initial pledge found at the beginning of the book, a beauty pledge for mothers and mothers-to-be. From promising to ask for help, acknowledging that there is no ‘perfect’ mom, all the points made me realize that I still hold onto a lot of untruths that I needed to focus on. Case and point, the ‘Take care of myself and take time for myself, even if some days I can only manage one-minute increments”. As mothers, there is much pressure to be everything to everyone, and that in itself is not healthy. I need to keep in mind that if I am not healthy, mind, body and soul – everything I do will be affected. This year I do plan to make myself a priority.

Does This Pregnancy Make Me look Fat? made me open my eyes to my own pre-conceived perceptions before I had children, what my expectations were while pregnant and the guilt that I had kept buried since then. I even giggled and cheered through the section of ‘The WTF Files: How to deal with dumb comments and stupid moves’. Why all the talk about a woman’s hormones, when you have dumb people out there that feel the need to manhandle your belly, offer unwanted and unsolicited advice, discuss their own labor behind in at checkout, or asking how much weight you’ve gained {since when is that ever alright to ask someone?}. Not only does it offer great tips on how to best handle those WTF moments, but also shares others’ stories, and it’s nice to know that you are not alone when it comes to odd WTF
comments and questions from others.
I was surprised that I got so much out of this book, and I finished reading, with so much to consider as well. I leave with a whole new outlook on myself, almost making peace with myself
after all these years.

 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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