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Bamboo Fabric, There’s Nothing Like It!


Bamboo fabric has become one of my favorite fabrics of all time. Personally, I prefer it over the others, for its many beneficial properties. For instance, the wicking properties allow your body to be comfortable in all temperatures, it’s unbelievably soft, and also the sheer eco-friendliness of this fabric. It really is a superior choice when it comes to caring for & respecting yourself
and the environment.

And, one of my favorite shops to find products made from bamboo is Bamboosa. I had previously reviewed some of their baby clothes on My Organized Chaos and quickly became a fan. At Bamboosa, there are so many items for the whole family – that you could browse for hours. The items are manufactured with 100% Organically Grown Bamboo Fiber and all fabric is free of chlorine and formaldehyde {right down to the dyes}! And, when you get your package from Bamboosa – even the packaging is made of 100% recycled paper. The presentation is really nice, whether it’s a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone else. Trust me, you’ll
hesitate to even open it.

When I was offered the chance of reviewing an item just for me this time, I leaped at it. I got the Sukara Yoga Pants, and wow do I adore them! Made from 65% Viscose from Organic Bamboo, 27% Organic Cotton and 8% Lycra – the Sukara pant so so soft and insanely comfortable. Honestly, this is a pair of pants that I wish I had when I was pregnant with the girls, during ans just after. It has a stretch waist that can be worn up or rolled down, and is perfect for yoga, pilates or just lounging around the house. Yet, it’s not a pair of comfort pants that you’d hate to answer the door in. Since it’s fitted with a flared leg, it’s very slimming and attractive. I got a rich chocolate brown color of pant, yet they also come in other colors as well. The Sukara Yoga pant is luxury to wear whether expecting, working out or just when taking some much needed R&R. And, you must check out the syles of tops that match these pants as well, what a match
made in {comfort} heaven!

Bamboosa has so many items, there will certainly be many to please man, woman and child. And make sure to check out the sale section, I have my eye on some T-shirts and hooded shirts – all at fabulous prices! For gifting made easy, there are gift sets
for children and adults.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own 


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