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5 Lil’ Monkeys

Say you need an infant shoe and would love to get the Pediped brand. But, you also have an older son that needs a newTammi pair, but you’d like some Rileyroos. Oh wait, you are also drooling over a See Kai Run pair that you’d like to get for spring. So do you shop at 3 different online stores? Paying 3 different shipping costs? No way! Thank goodness for shops like 5 Lil’ Monkeys, so many brands under one roof for easy and comparable shopping. And the 2 Moms that started the shop know that we all have different tastes and usually like to purchase more than one item when online shopping. So, that’s why there’s so much footwear for all seasons for both boys and girls.

For review, I chose a pair of ItzyBitzyshoes because I wanted to familize myself with the brand and also because they are squeak shoes. Right now the Twins have a huge fascination and love for squeak shoes to the point where they fight over them. And, when they hear a child that is wearing them, and they aren’t – they actually have taken off their shoes and handed them to me as if to say, “these don’t squeak, take them back. I don’t want these”.

TammiSo I chose the ItzyBitzy Black & White shoe, which is a shoe for all seasons and can be paired with any outfit. The Mary Jane type shoe has a really strong Velcro closure which the girls can’t pry off. The sole is flexible for comfortable walking and has really soft leather throughout. Of course they love the squeak when they walk, but I can also easily take it out if it gets to bee too much or if the setting is not suitable for a squeak shoe. And, the shoes came with an extra squeak inserts. I have never had a squeak die on me, yet it’s nice to know that they do supply backups in case this mom takes them out and loses them. A very brilliant shoe, and for
under $18, a nice price as well.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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