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The Little Lasso


It is not only the holiday season right now, but It’s also like the sanitizing season, isn’t it? Germaphobes everywhere are crying at the thought of what may be lurking…on pretty much everything. We can keep our kids clean {maybe most of the time} and their items somewhat clean. Yet, it’s what’s on the floor or ground in public places, that we fear the most.

The Little Lasso is a product that was made to keep kids’ items clean and within reach. The Little Lasso was designed by a mom, and I got one to review. The first thing that I liked about The Little Lasso is that there is no snaps, clasps or Velcro in order to attach items to it, or the lasso to a stationary object. On one end is a plastic link {aren’t those just a necessity when you have babies? Best invention ever!}. This link enables it to be attached to a carseat, stroller, high chairs, and/or shopping carts. The other end looks like a scrunchie {yes, those hair ties that were ever-popular in the 90’s because they worked well and didn’t rip out your hair. And yes, I still have a couple, Thank you very much!}. The great thing about having this end on it, is that it can adjust to hold onto anything from sippy cups to toys and more. And, just like a scrunchie, there is nothing to pinch or harm your child. And this makes it machine washable too. Yep, you can sanitize the thing that keeps things sanitized. Aha…germaphobes will rejoice to hear that!

I have grown to adore my little lasso, it goes along with us everywhere. And, it works just as it should, to keep everything where you want them {and not tossed, lost, or dropped and broken on a filthy floor}. And The Little Lasso comes in some pretty fabulous designer fabrics as well. I got the Pink Disco Dot, which matches a lot of the twins’ gear perfectly. Yet, there are so many others that I could easily love just as much.

When gifting, who can use The Little Lasso? Well, any parent – that’s easy. An item like this is just a necessity for people with babies, toddlers or just crafty & sneaky preschoolers {ever have your wallet tossed when you weren’t looking?}. 


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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