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Text Message Baby


Text Message Baby is a baby clothing store that is based upon today’s communication of abbreviations and emoticons {which remarkably form understandable phrases and sentences}. The woman behind the label saw her Twin girls using this language with friends in texts. After taking some time and learning about what exactly they were saying, she realized that this ‘new’ language was extremely humorous , quite addicting to use and just plain fun. It was then decided that taking today’s jargon and the shorter routes of communication would be fabulous idea for babies’ clothing.
The result is hilarious text message graphics that resemble
the LOL side to babydom.

The onesies are 100% certified organic cotton, so you know that they are super soft and safe for baby. The text is hand-painted using citrus oil based inks, which are are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. So the entire items are eco-friendly. After all, text-lingo may be funny, but harming the environment and clothes laced with chemicals is certainly not!

I like the colors offered at Text Message Baby, that are very bold and bright. Also, you get your choice of short or long-sleeved. The sizes available are 0-3M, 6-12M and 12-18M.
In today’s society, pretty much anyone could read the short handed jargon on the tees, but just to be sure,
it’s also printed underneath.

Text Message Baby makes a wonderful gift for the soon-to-be parents or the little ones themselves. There is a variety of colors for both boys and girls, and plenty on sale as well. Shipping is a flat rate $5 for US customers and $6 for CAN. Opening a Text Message Baby gift this Christmas will not only bring a smile but a chuckle as well. And it’s certain to be quite the conversation piece!

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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