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Sustainable Kids

At first glance, Sustainable Kids seems like just an eco-friendly label. But, when I browsed the site more and learned about the policies of this company and what they are doing to advocate for people around the world – my heart strings
were tugged.
After all, the definition of Sustainability is: the ability of a current generation to meet its needs, without compromising the needs of future generations.

First, this awesome program, then the attire….

When a company like Sustainable Kids says that their mission to to raise the bar when it comes to global compassion and responsibility – they mean it. After all, I have never received a review {until now}, that also came with a postage-paid box which I could fill, and the company donates those items to a charity in need. And not just any charity, as well. Sustainable Kids devotes themselves to one charity, in order to ensure a greater impact on a better way of life.
So, right now, when you purchase Sustainable Kids clothing, you can directly donate needed items to children in Haiti, as part of The Open Door Haiti School. This school just opened in 1994, and has 250 children. Thanks to support, the kids can now have daily meals and instruction in classrooms {which was just recently wired for electricity}. In Haiti, the unemployment rate is 80%, and Sustainable Kids is working hard to ensure that the children of this country be given the best chance at a successful life, as they possibly can.
Each holiday season, I try to support as many children’ charities as I can. I do this most by donating one item, for each thing we get ‘new’. And, I have instilled this into my daughter as well. This is the premise behind the donation box with Sustainable Kids. Giving back. Being grateful. And thinking on a larger scale, to people who don’t have what you may have. The Sustainable Kids website has more information on The Open Door Haiti School, and participating stores.

So, are you eager to hear about the clothing?
At Sustainable Kids, all attire is certified organic, using only recycled fabrics and organic pigment inks. The items are produced ethically in the US and if you thought the postage-paid-donation-box that was included was impressive…this company also donates a portion of each sale to children’s charities.
For review, my daughter was sent a {short length} pink cardigan. And it’s very eco-chic {ridiculously cute and earth lovin’}. I like the way it’s both urban yet classic, definitely a one-of-a-kind in my daughters’ wardrobe. It’s nice to wear on a Fall day, or inside to take off the chill. Plus, seeing that this item can make so much of a difference to others makes it all the more precious.

Sustainable Kids’ fashions run for both boys and girls {sizes 2-14} They have so many items in their collection, that you would be sure to find one or more that would suit someone you know. Plus, giving a gift that does give back {in both a portion of the sale and in the included donation box}, makes it a wonderful gift in itself. Click here to see the list of retailers.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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