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Sock Grams

For the third time on My Organized Chaos, I welcome back Sock Grams with open arms. This company has cleverly combined our love of socks with our love of sending gifts in the mail {and getting gifts in the mail}. Yes, you heard it right – and the
process is simple too.

It’s as easy as:
1) Shop for socks by recipient, occasion or patterns

2) Pick a complimentary card and add your personal message

And, Sock Grams will add either free foot balm {or some stickers for the kids}, gift wrap it all nice for you – and mail it to their door. Holiday Gifting can be so easy!
And, the selection of socks!
well, that is my favorite part! There is ones to suit a hobbies and tastes {like the cocktail socks for instance}, sports, occupations, holidays, and just plain funny!
Ordinary is so out, put some personality on those feet!

When gifting, you can really make this one perfect for the recipient. For example: you want to send that Uncle across country a nice pair of socks for Christmas. In your last phone call, he said he wished that he could visit you for the holidays, and take you to that fabulous sushi place he loves so much. Aha! Sock Grams has a pair of Sushi Socks just for him! As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and getting a gift-wrapped pair which seems to be made for them, would certainly put a smile on their face {as well as that personalized card as well}.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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