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When it’s not the kids that keep me awake at night, it’s lack of comfort. Not only are you tired, sluggish and don’t function the next day, but a poor sleep can make you susceptible to colds and illness. Sleep Expert and Director of Sleep Innovation and Clinical Research at Select Comfort, Pete Bils, has tips that you can use for improved sleep and thus, protecting your immune system
and warding off sickness.

What can you do to ensure you’re getting enough sleep so you can stay healthy?

~ Make sleep a priority: Put sleep at the top of your to-do list.
~ Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and schedule sleep all week long – even on the weekends – since altering your sleep schedule can create jet-lag-like symptoms. Remember that sleep is not negotiable.
~ Avoid anti-sleep activities: Don’t eat, exercise or consume caffeine late in the day.
~ Pay attention to your environment: Go into a dim, quiet room one hour before you plan to go to bed, and turn off all screens so you start to relax.
~ Check your bed: Take advantage of innovations in bedding that allow you to customize your comfort, like the Sleep Number bed and accessories.

Select Comfort is a company that is devoted to products to ensure that you get a restful nights’ sleep. I learned long ago that all beds and sleep products are not created equal. And, choosing the sleep materials for you should be as personalized as your hairstyle or clothing. That is why Select Comfort offers a diverse selection of products, and there will certainly be some that are
ideal to your needs and likes.

To give an honest review, Select Comfort sent me a sample of their products, to test and tell you about.
Let me start by saying that my neck is super picky when it comes to pillows. In the past, I seen my chiropractor more often than not. I learned the hard way [and it also took me a while to realize this} that my sleep position and the pillow I use have everything to do with the quality of sleep I get and how I am going to
feel in the morning.
Thanks to Select Comfort, I tried a Custom Contour Pillow. This pillow consists of an outer fabric case and foam inserts to place inside. How many or less you need {for hardness or softness} is all up to you! This makes allows the pillow to be either 4″, 5″ or 6″: in height. It’s made of high-density memory foam. This was the first time I had even tried a foam pillow and was so surprised by the difference. First of all, it’s contoured to nest and support the natural curves of your neck. Yet, it’s not at all hard nor uncomfortable to sleep on. You can still sink into it, just more in certain places {the right places}. The Memory Foam Contour Pillow is very soft to the touch, both the outer case {which is a velour} and the foam inside.
The outer cover is called an ‘AdjustaFit™’ velour cover, as it includes an expandable gusset for a great fit. After using this pillow I wake up feeling great and with nor tender nor sore areas in my neck. I guess my doctor was right all these years, because now I do believe it was a Custom Contour Pillow that he had in his office and suggested for me to use. I think I should have listened then…better late than never, right?
The Custom Contour Pillow is even on sale right now,
for $87.99 – $97.99 depending on size.

When looking for Select Comfort products, you can purchase online {} or in stores. The website lists all locations, even one in my city! Whether it be a pillow, the sheets or a Sleep Number bed itself – Select Comfort has all you need to sleep tight and stay healthy.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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