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Mutsy Grow Up chair


Musty has expanded into more products for baby and child, and one of them is the Mutsy Grow Up chair. When I first got my Grow-Up! for review, I immediately realized how different it was, when compared to the other booster-type seats that I have.

First is the material, which is a strong and thick padded foam {just like the Bumbo chairs use}. When compared to the hard and cold plastics in the other brands, I much prefer the Mutsy Grow-Up!.

It’s a lot more comfortable and fitted for seating. The second thing I noticed after taking it out of the box is that is was completely assembled. I looked into the empty box and realized that there was no extra parts, things to add to the booster chair or anything. And that was so nice for a change!
It was simple to attach the Grow-Up! to one of my 4-legged kitchen chairs {and the straps are generous, so that it fits many sizes of chairs}. And, once the Grow-Up! is attached to a chair, it’s on there nice and securely for safety.
It comes with a 5-point harness, which is good for use with many ages, and activity levels. With Isabelle, she had always sat so nicely in a chair {hardly moving at all}. Yet the twins are movers, squirmers and twisters – so the 5 point harness is greatly appreciated!
I usually have to take at least one booster chair when I go to others’ houses, or to restaurants. And for this reason, I appreciate that the Mutsy chair is very lightweight, less than 4 pounds to be exact. And, if you are like me and usually have to pack two of everything – the lightweight feature is fabulous!
Also, with the other plastic varieties, food had always gotten stuck in the creases and corners. No matter how much I had cleaned them, food was always dried in there somewhere. With the Mutsy Grow-Up! chair, it’s so streamlined, with no edges and corners – making it way so simple to clean and care for. And that, I love!I would like to see a tray developed for the Musty Grow-Up!. It’s not a product flaw at all, but some chairs are too high and some tables are too low – making this booster difficult to fit up to the table just right. Yet this is something to consider when purchasing and is dependant upon where you’ll be using it, and which type of chairs and table you have. For this reason, to make it more universal, I would love it more if there was a tray as well.

The Mutsy Grow-Up! chair is suitable for infants all the way to age 4, and comes in 6 great colors. It’s designed with style in mind, as it looks like a addition to your furniture and not a stack of brightly colored kiddie toys from the other room. Speaking from a person who had previously bought the cheapest booster chair on the market, there is everything to be said of quality and knowing what you are purchasing {quality, safety, design and functionality can be found in one product!}. Mutsy has a price tag of $49.66 at, and I would say that it’s worth every penny.


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