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I used to love my mommy makeup collection, each carefully selected piece that has a specific purpose. It always took me a while, but I did like the result. Then, the children came {Eerie music in background}. These days I might remember to apply a bit of makeup as I’m running out the door {If I remember at all}. Then, I look at my 100 pc. set and cringe, sigh and get frustrated. I have time for one, maybe 2 things…what do I grab? It’s a 13 step process…I can’t do just one?

Mommy Makeup was created by an Award-winning makeup artist and fellow Mom. After having her own child, Debra realized how time consuming it was to ‘put on your face’ when you had so many other things that needed done as well. Not wanting to give up her time nor her beloved makeup, she developed a line of 6 multi-use products that saved time and energy. And, she gave them all funny Mom-themed names as well. Yes, ladies we no longer have to sacrifice to look our best!

Debra’s products consist of Makeup Kits {which have 5-6 products that do your whole face in 6 minutes flat}, and individual essentials. For review, I chose the pressed Mineral Dual Powder because that is my top choice {besides a bit of gloss}, when I can only apply one thing as I run by the bathroom. And, I also like that it’s able to be taken on the go, and applied anywhere as well. This hypoallergenic Mineral Dual Power is talc, oil and fragrance free. At first use I immediately noticed a huge difference between this powder, and the others that I have. The others would be a powder which dried out my skin within minutes. The Mommy Makeup Mineral Powder went on very smooth, and gave me instant one-tone coverage. After a minute, 5 minutes and even hours – my face didn’t feel dried out. And, I’m not reaching for it to re-apply numerous times a day, unlike the others. I am never one to sleep in my makeup, but I have twice wearing this powder, just because I forgot I was wearing it. It feels that light on my face. So, yes – I really like this powder!

When shopping for Makeup as a gift, it’s best to go with a Gift Certificate {unless the woman already uses the brand and you can order what she uses}. Mommy Makeup has gift certificates! If you are treating yourself to some makeup this year, have a look around and check out the products. And if at anytime you this you may need some advice, customer service is a click away!


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own 

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