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We Canadians have an online toy store that may very well be the North Pole Toy Shop’s top competitor. It’s called Mastermind Toys and they have over 22 years of experience in retail. And yes, there is so many toys, books and games for kids of all ages {I tried counting but soon called forfeit}, that even Santa himself may be jealous. All the products at Mastermind Toys have been hand-picked to ensure that each offers valuable purpose and knowledge to children {creativity, imagination, challenges thinking and curiosity, enhances motor skills; And, of course toys should be fun and of high quality too}.

Shopping at Mastermind Toys is pretty simple, as you can refine your searches by ages, brand or category. And, once you’ve limited a search, let’s say for example: by age. Then, you can refine it more to factor in cost. So if you think a toy shop of this magnitude is a little daunting, think again. Their goal is to make shopping easy and an enjoyable experience.
With a click of the mouse, you can change prices into
either CAN or US dollars.
And, with every single item you view, listed is how much it would cost to ship that item. So, there’s even no need in going from page to page trying to calculate shipping.

For review, Mastermind Toys sent my girls some products appropriate to their age and skill level. My oldest daughter got the Wobble Deck Electronic Memory Game. Its a game that combines thinking with movement and exercise. And, it can be used at home, or you can take it on the go. The Wobble Deck takes 3 AA batteries {which isn’t that bad actually}. The purpose is to tilt the deck so that the correct color {or numbered corner} hits the floor. All the while, you must keep balance. And, it’s harder than it looks, believe me {a great workout for the core muscles}. The 3 games you can play are: Memory Match, Speed Play and Freestyle. As you can see, balance, reflexes, coordination and fitness aren’t the only skills challenged. Thinking and problem solving are tested as well. The Wobble Deck is great for ages 5-6 and up, and under 100lbs.

See the Wobble Deck in action:


The Twins got the Magic Mirror Laptop by Kidz Delight. This game is recommended for kids aged 18 months and up, and is such a perfect thing for the girls to have right now {Since they are always trying to ‘play’ with my laptop and Isabelle’s electronic games}. They were highly ecstatic to see this toy, not that I wish I had on video {minus the fighting over it that is}. The Magic Mirror Laptop allows the Discovery of shapes, numbers, letters and colours. The buttons of the keyboard are so easy for them, and they love to see which button produce which lights and sounds. The screen of the laptop is a mirror, and the images light up alongside their reflection. They also have a hand-held mirror that does this, and I can certainly tell you that toys that do this are perfect for ages 1-2. The Magic Mirror Laptop is a great visual and musical toy that keeps them so entertained. And, it’s really easy for them to carry around too, which is a bonus. In fact, this toy can often be seen running down the hall and hiding in a corner {so the other doesn’t see it, and take it away}.

Make sure to check out the Mastermind Toys blog,
where you will find more info on great gifting ideas.

Mastermind Toys ships to both US and Canada {or you can shop in-store if you are in eastern Canada}. When shopping at Mastermind Toys, there is FREE gift-wrapping and a gift tag with your own personal message, that can be sent with the toys. So, if you’d like to mail a child a toy this Christmas – why go out and shop, come home and wrap, go to the post office and ship…I’m tired just thinking of it. Pick something at Mastermind Toys, and it’ll be sent to their door gift wrapped, with a personal note. Christmas shopping can be so easy-peasy you know!

 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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