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Little Diva Tutus


Little Diva Tutus has the most incredible selection of tutus that I’m sure I have ever seen. First is the sizes, from baby to adult. And there are 39 colors of tulle available and 13 ribbon choices. There is such a wide selection of types of tutus such as: Holiday, Rhinestone, team spirit, costume and character tutus. Some are clean and classic, and others are rock and roll and sassy. Some are thin, casual tutus – and others are thick and make a huge statement. As you can seen, no tutu is missed when it comes to Little Diva Tutus. You can even design your own if you wish!

Little Diva Tutus sent my girls the gorgeous Snowflake Princess Set. It comes with a tutu, pixie wings and a headband. The tutu itself is both elegant and whimsical and adorable. It’s made of a generous 3 layers of white tulle, adorned with silver silver glittered snowflakes. The quality is fabulous, attention paid to every detail. It looks like something straight out of The Nutcracker, festive and just beautiful. The Twins just learned how to twirl in circles, and they love this tutu! There’s many oohh’s and ahhh’s when they see it. plus, it has a tie waistband, so this tutu fits from a size 2-8 {which is true, as all my girls can wear it}. This tutu would certainly last through childhood!The pixie wings are white, with a matching snowflake. They are made well, as the girls have fought over them numerous times without one shred of evidence on the wings. I like that these as well, are able to fit both the babies and my oldest daughter. The matching headband is adorable with an attached flower. Alas, this is one thing that the babies won’t keep on for very long. But, in time I am sure they will.

Little Diva Tutus also has a wide variety of hair accessories as well. Besides the headbands {that came with the above mentioned set}, the girls also got a green and red ribbon hair clip as well. It’s called a Korker Ribbon clip, as the ribbons resemble corkscrews that cascade from all angles. These can be worn alone, or attached to the headbands or
crocheted hats.

Little Diva Tutus supports is hosting a fundraiser for Layla Grace. She is a spirited and charming 2 year old that is battling Neuroblastoma. You can read about this amazing girl and her story, Here. Please remember that for every tutu sold with Little Diva Tutu’s – 40% goes directly to her family, to help pay for her care. This tugs at my heart so much, and is just one more reason why every girl should have a tutu
from little Diva Tutus.

Little Diva Tutus has any option you could ever want when it comes to tutus and accessories. And, the prices of the tutus start at just $19.99. For photos, parties, events or just to dance around with a jukebox playing – give a tutu this season, and give 40% to help a toddler fight Neuroblastoma.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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