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Happy Green Bee


If you have read My Organized Chaos before, you would know that I have featured Happy Green Bee before. I think once you are introduced to the items at Happy Green Bee, they will stick with you forever {I know it sure did for me!}.

I think it’s the mixture of company policy, the quality of the garment, the fashion in which it’s made and the distinct style which results – that makes me take notice and keep my attention.
For a refresher on Happy green Bee:
Kids are energetic and carefree {Happy},
the items are organic cotton {Green}
and a striped pattern is seen throughout all the designs {Bee}

The clothing at Happy Green Bee is the most vibrant and colorful stripes that I have seen thus far. Just like the rich colors, the names of them are just as descriptive. After all, brown is simply brown – until you call it ‘Butterscotch’.

For review, the twins got the Happy Green Bee Chemise, in the radish/bean colors {which is an appropriate color combo for this season, don’t you think?!}. It’s a top with long-sleeves that are lightly rolled at the cuffs and collar.

The bottom hemline is ruffled for that feminine flair and shape to this top. The back of this top has the HGB logo, which adds some style to the back it {I see it all the time, as the girls are always on the run}. It has proven to wash and wear well, and is ideal for the cool climate right now.

I either pair this chemise with a solid-colored legging or jean, or Happy Green Bee’s leggings. The colors certainly match my girls’ flair and energy.

The Chemise comes in sizes 6 months to 3 years {in 7 color combos}, and would suit a girl. Organic means that it’s gentle, breathable and soft on the skin {and great for the environment}, so it’s a safe bet for buying for children {just in case they have very sensitive skin}. There is an array of colors, and the site also carries items that would match and compliment this chemise {like hats, pants and leggings}


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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