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Graffiti Zoo Chocolates


So, what’s Christmas without Chocolates? {ok, chocolate is good for any time of the year, I admit} Yet, it’s especially nice to tuck some chocolate in that stocking {hint, hint}. Graffiti Zoo is a brand of hand-made chocolate whereas every product features an animal name. I think this name resembles
it’s look and taste…

We were sent Santa’s Fireflies chocolates, which is a creamy white chocolate topped with tiny bits of peppermint. What a nice red and white mix for the festive season. Mmmm, and they taste divine! I prefer white chocolate to dark, and this is very delicious white chocolate. And, there’s enough in the box to share or stash away for you to enjoy in tidbits here and there. I opted to share, just to get others’ opinions {everyone wanted more, so I think it went over well}. The box features a Christmas tale {in rhyme}, about the fireflies {peppermint bits} that spread seasonal cheer.

There are many different goodies at Graffiti Zoo – from dark to white chocolate, nuts to orange and lemon, and more. And even one that has a bit of Hot Chili in it! Surely, there’s one that will make your mouth water!

Graffiti Zoo is a unique option for premium hand-made chocolates. There’s plenty to choose from, when gifting
for the chocoholic you know.
And the prices are incredible…just see for yourself..

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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