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Girl Gotch

Girl Gotch was created from an issue that I know all to well about. I apologize in advance for this Isabelle, I know you will read this one day and no doubtingly be mad that I posted such things, {but it’s true. Have a daughter and you will, understand dear!}. Pick, tug, pull, squirm…all day long. How many times a day do I say, “what’s wrong with your pants?”, “need to go to the bathroom?”, “what’s bothering you down there?”. Always the ride-up! I tell ya, there is no size nor brand that makes panties any more comfortable for little girls. I know, I’ve looked.
The creator of Girl Gotch {her daughter was also known for the panty dance} had no choice but to wear a pair of boys’ ginch one day. This Calgary, AB {Canada} mother noticed that the dance stopped and her daughter was comfortable for once. This brilliant Mom developed ginch for girls…Girl Gotch!

I will keep this simple, because I have already said too much {says my daughter in 5-10 years}.
My daughter got to try both the Girl Gotch boxers and briefs. And, I cannot believe the difference {she has no preference between the two, she loves them both and they both fit perfectly}! She is so comfortable all day long, and finally at ease with her lower half. It’s quite an amazing difference. She longer complains about her riding underwear, nor picks {pulls, tugs, squirms or winces}. And, they are so adorable too. Honestly, I love this product {and I never say that}!

Girl Gotch comes in packages of 3 in either briefs or boxers {in sizes 2-6, and I do wish they went to a size 7-8 as well}. There is bright and girl-friendly colors that will never make them say, “those are boys’ panties!” {yes, that’s what my daughter calls boys underwear. Sorry hun, I did it again, didn’t I?} Girl Gotch comes in a cute little box which displays very well, when gifting. This is just my opinion, and my opinion only – but, I see that my daughter likes them 100% better than regular underwear. So, why choose discomfort, know what I mean? Girl Gotch can be purchased online or in stores {see a list on the website} And, if any of my own family members or friends are reading this, consider this a little *hint, HINT* for Christmas this year. Girl Gotch comes to us from my very own province, so I’m loving the many retailers near me!


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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