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I was able to make a Photo Book from, and review the entire process from start to finish. I have actually made many many photo books in the past, so I was interested in seeing how these ones compared. This time, I set out to make a 20 page Photo Book of the Twins’ 1st birthday.

First of all, I’d suggest uploading all your pictures onto the PhotoCenter website before you start anything {if they aren’t uploaded already}.

To make your Photo Book, you are prompted to first select a book:
~ Window Style
~ Classic
~ or a Custom Photo Cover.

I chose the latter, since I wanted to be able to really make it my own,
right from the cover.
Then, you are asked to choose a size and skin and a theme. As far as Themes go, there’s is all the basics to choose from. So, whether the book is about babies, kids, birthdays or just elegant – there’s plenty to work with.
At this point you can Auto fill your book,
or do it yourself manually.
Either way, you can always take out and replace pictures.
I manually filled in my pictures, which was a simple drag and drop method. I soon realized that I didn’t like some of the pages, and wanted more room for text. The site allows you to replace entire pages with a simple drag method. I was able to choose different layouts and designs, to suit whatever I wanted to have included.
The pre-made pages where text is included is nice to have when you have a story to tell, but there isn’t a lot of text-room to write a whole lot. So, I had to keep it brief.
I also like that you could rotate pictures and
zoom in and out, as well.
One word of caution: when you are working on {or are done} your book, if a caution sign comes up on one of your photos, just change it and swap it out for another. I ignored one ‘caution’ just to see what would happen,
and that page didn’t turn out at all.
So, word to the wise – change it or regret it!
When I got this hardcover PhotoBook, I was impressed with the quality. And, I was really happy with the vibrancy of the photos on the glossy paper, the photos looked brighter and clearer than on my computer, and the ones that I had previously printed off. So that was a nice surprise!
The entire process was very simple and smooth with no frustration or me wanting to pitch the computer out the window. For that reason, I think even someone new to Photo Books can make a great one. The prices are reasonable and with so many choices and ways to personalize it, photo books do make a wonderful keepsake or gift.
{I think I gave 4 photo books out as gifts last year, and they were all a huge hit!}


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own



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