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TOSH for kids

I had recently reviewed the Men’s and Women’s footwear offered at the Canadian online store called TOSH. I am happy that I also got the opportunity to try the kids’ footwear as well, they are made by the company Sanük.This time, the brand is Sanük, which is the Thai word for “pursuit of happiness”. This brand mixes funk with function; as the styles are laid back, unique and creative. The Sanük inspiration comes from surfers, hikers and various athletes whose shoes must be as comfortable as they are fashionable.

My daughter got a pair of theLazy Brat Sandals {hey, I didn’t name them!}. They come in the color pink and white, just as a little girl would want. The first thing I noticed about these sandals is how fitted they were. They fit every angle of my daughters’ feet, thanks to the cushioned and molded sole. It literally seemed to hug her feet. And, being a thong style shoe, the elasticized back strap provides security and an even more snug fit. She walked with ease, said they were really comfortable and never complained about them once. She was even able to run in them. The leather upper-strap is waterproof as well, which makes it a great pool/beach shoe.
The sizes are as follows:
XXS (Toddler 8-9), S (Toddler 10-11), M (Youth 12-13),
L (Youth 1-2), XL (Youth 3-4), and XXL (Youth 5-6)

She also got a pair called Sanük Doodle, which is a sidewalk surfer slip on shoe. This sand-colored canvas shoe has what looks to be child-painted designs on it. There is an embroidered heart logo on the toe, and neat drawings which are playful, carefree and fun. What a perfect shoe for a kid, it’s so popular right now. The shoe also has ventilation holes {to allow breathability} and a soft and comfortable foot-bed. In this house, the Doodle is my daughters’ choice for footwear just as running out the door. It comes in sizes 11 toddler to a child’s 3.



** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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