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If there’s one thing that’s certain, babywearing isn’t easy! I mean just choosing a wrap or carrier is challenging! I actually didn’t know the choices involved until I started blogging, then I realized just how many styles and forms of wraps there were. With my first daughter I chose the sling everyone had…and hated every minute of it. Yet, When I was actually able to try a few different kinds, I realized that there is so many choices for a very good reason, and you should choose wisely and not just ‘pick anything’. Which one you will love depends highly on your own comfort, the childs needs {will they only be happy if facing you?} and definitely your body type. Just like a T-shirt comes in so many fits, so does wraps.

I recently had the opportunity to review a Sleepy Wrap, made by parents who wanted a good and secure fit, while keeping the baby close and comfortable {for the carried and the carrier}. When they came up with a design that had all their friends and neighbors buzzing, they thought they’d go into business. Thus, Sleepy Wrap was born.

The Sleepy Wrap is intended for newborns and babies in the first year of life. My girls are just at the tail end of this group, so I didn’t think I would be able to use it at all. But since it offers so many different carrying positions, and since {when tied correctly} it can carry much weight, I can see the Sleepy Wrap used for longer than 1 year of age. But, again – that depends on your comfort and the babies’ needs as well. For myself, I was surprised to realize that I can still use this wrap with the Twins being over a year of age {and most likely will be able to continue
wearing it for quite a while}.

What it is:
When you look at a Sleepy Wrap, it’s a long piece of cloth which is actually 5.5 yards long. The feel is really soft, much softer than other wraps that I tried. The others always seemed stiff and hard to work with, yet a Sleepy Wrap isn’t like that, due to the 5% Spandex mixed into the 95% cotton. I seen my first Sleepy Wrap in person just this summer. I studied the mom to the point of ‘stare more and I’ll poke your eyes out’, but I was mystified by it. It looked so comfortable and formed, and the baby was happy! But, it also looked complicated too. Hubby agreed with my observation when he looked over and said, “how’d she get into that?”
“I have no idea….”

How it works:
Seeing one huge wrap was extremely intimidating to me, and flashes of this summer and panic filled my core. There is no loops, snaps, rings or clips, what do I do??. I must have read those instructions at least 4 times before I even considered putting it to the test {FYI – The website and pamplet included has perfect instructions, compete with step-by-step pictures}. The Twins watched me test it on my own, and had fun ‘rolling around in the long scarf’. But, once I had it on properly, they knew instantly what it was, and both tried climbing my legs to get in. And, by the 3rd ‘wear’, I had it down pat. Yet, with it being so long, I would always want to wrap myself indoors {so I don’t drag the fabric in dirt, mud or water or just anything ‘ick’}
I tried a couple of the positions, yet they both liked the “Love Your Baby Hold” the best {maybe they sensed my nervousness in the first attempt, and thought it was safer, to cling to me..?}

I have to admit, I really took to the fabulous distributed weight of the Sleepy Wrap. There was no one pressure spot, or favored area on my entire upper body. Babies’ weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders, around your entire back, and on your hips. And, despite the fact that I am not a professional wrapper, my babies felt so snug and safe. I was able to carry one while still puttering around the house and getting things done. With others’ I would still have one hand on their backs, just in case. With the Sleepy Wrap, I was 100% confident that baby was going nowhere, and could actually
use it Hands-Free!
Also, because you wrap it yourself, this is the first wrap that I would truly call ‘one size fits all’. No need to take your height, weight, spin in a circle and touch your your nose …then guess at a size. This makes it so easy to get one, and know that it’ll work for your body type. Likewise, it makes gifting so much easier as well.
With others, you may have to adjust the fit depending on the thickness of your own clothes. With a Sleepy Wrap,
there’s no need for that.
One other benefit as I see it: With others’ my babies pant legs seems to scrunch up, with no success in pulling them and keeping them down. We don’t like our babies chilly, so I’d have to carry around a blanket to use for coverage, what a pain! With a Sleepy Wrap, you can either let babies legs fall out the sides, or with just one simple flip of the fabric – babies’ legs are tucked in. And, this is all without taking it off!

So, if you can swallow your own self-doubt and give the Sleepy Wrap a try {yes, it’s intimidating, but you can do it!}, I think you’d agree with my listed benefits. Wrapping is not for everyone, but if you are interested in wrapping {or know that you’d prefer it over other methods}, I would definitely recommend it. And, at $39.95 for one Sleepy Wrap, it’s cheaper than many others that I have seen on the market!

So, was it good or bad that I am trying a Sleepy Wrap now versus when my babies were newborns? Let me just say that products like these make me wish for another little one. I said wish, not necessarily act on said wishes…probably…

 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own


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