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Party crasher in my daughters’ storybook?

Isabelle has this storybook, and you can most tell from the pictures that it’s Barbie.
We have read this book a hundred times, and there is one part of the book that makes me chuckle, and shake my head – every single time.
Look at this picture….

See the girl laying on the floor?
Here’s a close-up.

A couple pages back, the Kings were in battle so this illustration was probably drawn with the intention of the woman being a victim in this royal feud.
But, every time I see this picture of her being helped off the floor with goblets all around – I cannot help but laugh at the possibility of a medieval party pooper who had too much royal wine. Scenarios run through my mind of her lipping off Barbie for her perfect appearance and attire, complaining about the drab music and dancing on the tables.

Ah, Maybe it’s all in my own tired-Mommy state of mind just before bedtime.
But, makes the stories a little more interesting…Just sayin…


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