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I am so done with photos in an album. I love to create scrapbook pages and share pictures online, with video. Unfortunately, I am not that patient when it comes to learning all the editing knowledge when it comes to making movies. The entire task seems daunting, and I just haven’t gotten into it {just admired from afar}. I had previously read a bit of buzz about Muvee Reveal, which is video editing software. Yet, I didn’t know just how easy and fun it was until I tried it myself.

Once you have downloaded the software, making the video is so simple, I was very surprised. Just drag the photos you want in the video, pick a style for the video, choose a song – and that’s it! It less than one minute you’ll have a complete Muvee Reveal video. With most software there is lesson after lesson and it takes you many many attempts to get accustomed with it. With Muvee Reveal, a few clicks of curiosity and I got the hang of it right away. Everything is placed within easy sight, all on one page. This software automatically detects focal points in images {called the MagicSpot}, so that it zooms into the right part of the photo before switching to another. Plus, the scene flash to the beat of the music you choose!

Now, that is pretty easy – but there is many editing tools that you can add to the video, to personalize it even more:
~ Rotate a picture
~ Add Captions: choosing size, font & placement
~ Change the MagicSpot for the picture. So, if you’d like to pay special attention to, say someone holding hands or a background sunset, you now can do it.
~ Enhance the image
~ Change the duration that each picture is shown

I made my first Muvee in a matter of minutes:

Once you have completed your video – you can save it to your computer, burn it onto CD, or upload to the web. My video doesn’t include too many pictures, just because I am posting it here. Yet, I can send any video privately to family and friends using their own online album service, Schwup.

I am especially excited about this software because I can send Hubby videos of the girls when he is away at work. My next project: a fun-filled look at summer ’09, trips to the park, Isabelle’s 1st day of School…so many ideas!
The Muvee Reveal is compatible with Windows
and has an ARV of $110.95 CAD.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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