Is it really October?

I was outside waiting for the school bus with Isabelle yesterday morning, and something caught my eye.

See it?
Yellow leaves!
I had seen many trees in the area turning color, yet it didn’t really hit me until I was face to face with one. And though the fall leaves are kinda pretty, the sun worshipper in me screams in terror. This summer went by way too fast, and I feel like I didn’t completely enjoy it this year. And, as I see the season change into one long bitter cold spell…it makes me a little depressed. As much as I love living in Canada, I am not a winter person
{in any shape, way or form}.

And, it must have gotten pretty cold last night, the leaves on this tree had turned brown, and most of them had fallen off by this morning. Naked trees and a cold bitter wind. Goodbye sandals…Hello parka. Happy October everyone!
{it’s said with a *wee* bit of sarcasm}


On a happier note, October will bring some great stuff to
My Organized Chaos
. First is my Blogoversary!
Yes, a year has passed already!
There’s also Halloween goodies, Christmas gift ideas…
oh and a whopper of a giveaway near the end of this month!!

{Hee Hee, I know a secret!!}


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