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GX Racers; Makes A Great Christmas Gift!


JAKKS Pacific has those super-cool GX Racers…you know those commercials on TV that make kids stop and say, “I was that for Christmas…”. And though they are geared to the little men in your family – my daughter proved that girls love speed and racing too. These fast moving, stunt performing toys are powered by GX GYROS which enable them to reach speeds of up to 600 scale MPH! What kid {or adult for that matter} wouldn’t want to take these for a ride!


The GX Racers: Vehicles & Skateboards are just one item in the GX Gyro series. They work alone to maximize speed and distance, flying from one end of the house to another. Really, as soon as you use the ripcord to get them moving, they are gone! Couple the speed with little make-shift jumps {or the 1/4 Pipe Ramp which is also available in the series} and you have hours of fun and laughter. These are a sure hit with the kids {they were with mine!} and would make awesome Stocking Stuffers! {and priced at $5.99-$9.99, it’s bargain-fun!}

We also got the GX Racers Tightrope Terror playset, which allows GX Racer vehicles to race on a tightrope {up to 10 feet} between two platforms. They then go soaring down a ramp on the other side. My daughter and her friends have enjoyed seeing who’s cars can race along the longest rope. It really is as fun as it look, I was even allowed two tries {and only two}. One thing I do have to note, is that we had to place books on the stand to keep it sturdy and upright. I’m not sure if it kept getting bumped by all the excited kids, or if it does need a heavier base – but weighing it down really worked to allow for a tighter rope.

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