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Bouncing Off The Walls


Waiting to post a review item for Bouncing Off The Walls, had me on the edge of my chair. For one, this fine Canadian home-based business is very close to my own city, and I was really excited to share with my local readers. And also because the wall letters were completely handmade, just for my daughter. I had gotten a small sneak peek {literally, I sneaked a peek on a Facebook picture}, of how it looked – and I knew they were gorgeous. But, when they came and I saw them in person – I was blown away!
You see, Kristina, the lady behind the company – makes her wooden wall letters completely from scratch. When she had a difficult time finding a good assortment of wooden letters here in Canada, she learned how to use a jigsaw and started making her own. Then, she paints each letter from start to finish. Now, I made the letters which adorn the twins’ walls and they were a royal pain in my behind! It took so much time to paint each one, letting it dry, re-painting. Literally these letters sat on my kitchen table for days, and ended up costing me more in materials than I thought they would. The letters from Kristina are so professional and detailed, I am astonished by the time and effort she puts into her work.
Each and every letter that I received, is painted differently. And, each letter has a unique style and personality on its own. I mean, lines are straight and precise, and each design is very detailed, almost dimensional. And, when the letters are together – they just look amazing!
Then, each letter is hung with silky ribbon. And, Kristina also sent me matching wooden decorative nails. I think the decorative nails really complete the look, and it looks so much better than ordinary metal nails or tacks. And, just like the letters – each decorative nail is hand-painted.
Kristina is able to custom-make any look and style that you are searching for. Her letters come as individual as the child that it is intended. This is why there is endless possibilities in not only letter shape, size and font – but also in colors and designs. You really just have to see for yourself. These letters have made all the difference in Isabelle’s room. They are eye-catching and are now the focal point to the room {they do literally bounce off the walls!} I also have to mention: After only a brief sentence to Kristina, telling her what my daughter was like – she created a masterpiece that suits her perfectly. Girly, carefree, whimsical, imaginative, fun, caring and beautiful…all words to describe both my daughter & her wall letters from
Bouncing Off The Walls.

Now, Kristina didn’t create Bouncing Off The Walls for only wall letters!! There’s so many ways to personalize and decorate a kids’ room, right? That’s why you will also find wall art, growth charts, switch plate covers, and many other hand-painted room decor and accessories.


 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own

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