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Once you see the products at Zooni, you will always remember them. And with the morning air turning crisp, I think about their items even more. The designs at Zooni are 100% original, and this joyful independence mixed with complete unique style is what makes me adore them! As you browse the store, you will see such fun and vibrant hats and mittens, you will soon agree that there is none other like them! To me, they spark the true essence of the laughter and spirit of being a kid.

Zooni sent their Flower Power Mop Top Hat, it just screams ‘pretty girl’! This style is one of 12 hats, each with their own distinct look. The hats are hand-knit, and made of a cotton and polyester blend. The company has even developed their own yarns. I like that the inside is lined with fleece, to ensure comfort. It’s sure to be a warm and cozy hat for the fall and winter season – which is coming way too fast. And, I just think this hat is absolutely adorable! The girls love their Zooni hat, they like to shake their heads while wearing it
{and it makes the other burst into a fit of laughter}
…Wait, 1 year olds who absolutely love wearing a hat?
That’s a first!
To complete this stinking-cute set, there is also matching mittens available at Zooni. The sizes in the Mop Top Hats are 0-6 months all the way up to 2-5+ years. The Twins received a size Medium, which is 12-24 Months. It fits them great, and there is plenty of stretch to it, I know I’ll get another use out of it next winter as well {maybe even longer}. Overall a ‘cheek pinchin’ look that says, ‘It’s chilly, but lets still go to the park!’. It came just beautifully wrapped, so if you’d like to send a Zooni item as a gift – the receiver will definitely be impressed!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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