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WallTalk is a Canadian company that produces vinyl wall art.
I have come to respect and adore this company for a few reasons:
* The Designs are plentiful, ones to suit every room of the house. And, nicely organized on the site, so finding the perfect one for you is simple.
* Since it’s Canadian, shipping costs are minimal and the products are available in so many retail stores across the country.
* And the product itself…let me explain…

I was given the Babytalk; ‘Butterfly Kisses’ and the ‘Butterflies’ to put in the Twins’ Nursery. When I received the package from the company, I immediately recognized the brand.
I had seen it in many shops over the years. The easy store locator on the site tell me
that there is, in fact, 3 stores that carry WallTalk in my own city!
The first thing I must tell you is how easy it was to put up these decals. As a reviewer, I have worked with many brands and types of vinyl art. WallTalk’s decals were, by far, the easiest to apply. The lightweight vinyl came off the {paper} backing without sticking, folding or twisting. It went on perfectly smooth and looks fantastic. From start to finish, it took literally 2 minutes to apply my pieces of WallTalk. The effect is gorgeous, and it’s a great touch to the nursery.
Babytalk is graphics and word art ,for kids’ rooms and nurseries. Yet, there are other collections offered at as well. From the Original Collection, Definitions Collection – you will find many to suit any room or space in your home. Some also come in many colors as well. For a change, I chose Pewter for the decal in the Twins’ room. Against the beige walls – they really sparkle and shimmer in the daylight!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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