Overcoming School Anxiety

I had embarked on a whole new chapter in my Mommy-life last month when my daughter started Kindergarten. Besides my own little panic attacks over the event, I am keeping a close eye on possible changes in her as well. I remember how stressful school was for me, and I constantly wonder what her own experiences will be.
Will she be a good student?
Will she have close friends?
Will she enjoy her school years?
…And how will she cope?

Thanks to The Family Review Network, I had a chance to review the book, OVERCOMING SCHOOL ANXIETY: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries. It is written by Diane Peters Mayer, who is a psychotherapist who has worked with school-anxious children. In my own education, I know that Anxiety is a very serious disorder, and can lead to a lifetime of difficulties. Having dealt through her own Anxieties in school, Diane Peters Mayer is focused on helping students and their parents deal with this disorder.

This book is well-laid out and very simple to understand. It starts with a chapter called ‘What is School Anxiety?’. To me, recognizing the presence of Anxiety is key, and Diane has succeeded in explaining the symptoms, signs causes and the long-term effects of anxiety. The chapters which organize this book make it so simple to search for specific information. For example, there are complete chapters on ‘My Child Can’t Stop Worrying’, ‘My Child Has Homework Anxiety’ and ‘My Child Is Being Bullied’. Eachtopic is broken down, and contains useful information on easing that anxiety and real-life tips to help overcome the issue.
The chapter ‘Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem’ is a valuable one to read. To overcome anxiety and strengthen the school experience, children must recognize their own self-worth and focus on their positive individual traits. Assisting to build self-worth is something that I think every parent should do.
Overall, this is a wonderful book that will help prepare parents, teachers or councilors; when dealing with school-aged children and all the stressors that come with the territory. As for me, I think I’ll be reaching for this book many times, especially during the teen years.

‘This post was written for The Family Review Network
as part of a program for Overcoming School Anxiety & it’s publisher,
who supplied the book for review.

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