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Kuki Kids

Kuki Kids
is an online shop where you can find attire for kids. Yet, it’s not the average ‘cute’ line of clothes. You’ll find no pastels or baby giraffes or items that make you go, ‘Awe’ {unless the kids is so cute} The cut and shape of the clothes is your run-of-the-mill product – BUT, it’s the pattern of the fabrics and the designs that are bold and funky.

Kuki Kids sent us the Taka- All over print leggings with the matching Taka – Applique T-Shirt Short Sleeve. The design of the pants is a mix of red, purple and dark pink. They are actually quite psychedelic, depending on if you stare at the colors, or the whites. The pants feature an extra panel at the back, for comfort and fit over a diaper. The pants I received are a size 12months, and it just fits the girls now, but not for long. So, the sizes are exact and I’d recommend a size bigger in pants, to prolong use. The Tee has snaps on one side of the collar, for some extra ease in dressing kids. I like that that this Tee is longer than most and narrower as well, as it gives it a good fit. For this reason, {unless you have a very tiny wee one},
I’d get 2 sizes larger.

These items have a couple of nice details which I really like:
a stitched lettering of ‘Kuki Kids’ is on the back of the tee and the upper right thigh of the pants. Also, they are made with a thick 100% cotton, which is nice as the days are going to start cooling very soon. The design on the tee is the ‘female’ symbol in the same print that the pants have. Together they make a nice outfit that is loud and bold – just like my kids’ personalities.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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