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I was recently introduced to a product that I very quickly became a huge fan of. It’s called First Juice, and it’s founder and CEO is a Dad who wanted to fill the gap for healthy, nutritious and great tasting juice that he could give his 2 kids. These juices contains both organic fruit and vegetable juice that is specifically designed for toddlers. The key aspect is that it is significantly lower in sugar than other juices,and packs a punch of vitamins. Check out the nutritional information of First Juice, as compared to others – you will agree that it beats all the others hands down!

What is first Juice?
It doesn’t contain just one fruit, but a blend of many organic fruits and vegetables. And, it’s the first juice that parents won’t need to dilute, as it already contains purified water.
I don’t give my girls juices very often, for a couple of reasons:
First, I reach for fresh fruit and veggies when I can. I am also a water-pusher and I don’t want them to become ‘addicted’ to sugary beverages.
First Juice is the only juice that I feel comfortable giving my children. I tasted them before they did, and was happy that they aren’t sweet. And they are all really yummy!
First Juice contains vitamins C, A, D and Calcium. The vitamin A comes entirely from the carrot juice. Do you know about Purple Carrotyet?

It comes in two sizes: the 8 oz. bottle with the spill-proof sippy top and a 32 oz. bottle. The plastic used for the bottling is BPA and phthalate-free, and is dishwasher safe. I received all 4 kinds of juice, all in the spill-proof sippy top.
Let me tell you, this is the first sippy cup that I have that doesn’t leak.
Even when the bottle is squeezed, it does not leak. I love this feature as it’s great for use at home, and in the car. As for me, I have re-used these bottles many times, grabbing it for the girls’ drinks before their other sippy cups {which leak anyway}.

Now, one very disappointing fact for me, is that First Juice is not sold in stores in Canada. (Boo!) And that is my only complaint. First Juice is at the top of my list of things I plan to buy, the next time I go to the states. Hey…if anyone close to me is going soon, call me. Hook me up!
The girls chug this juice, they love the taste. And we as parents are so impressed because it’s not sweet, and is all-natural {and thumbs up for the reliable bottles they come in}
What can I say, I highly recommend First Juice!



** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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