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Tiny Revolutionary


I’m sure all parents want to teaching their kids to celebrate their individuality, be compassionate and have a sense of social responsibility. It’s really hard to think of this whole world on an individual level, and realize that each and everyone of us can make positive changes. Tiny Revolutionary is a company that shouts out, yes we can!

The company focuses these beliefs in the items of clothing they create. Featuring items for the whole family, these tee’s are designed to speak openly about socially progressive issues like equality, war, caring for the environment and animal welfare. And this is all done in a fun and colorful way!

We got the Organic Cotton Peace Tee, which is printed with water-based dye. I like that this tee is colorful and fun, yet is packed with a huge statement. It’s a warm chocolate colored tee with a rainbow of paper cranes. Adorable to wear, with a global message, this tee is both good for baby and for the world. Tiny Revolutionary clothing is made from preshrunk cotton, and has sizing from birth to adult. They offer tees for babies, toddlers, kids and even a few for adults.

*** Tiny Revolutionary featured one tee that I need to tell you about, the ‘This Shirt Saved A Life‘. $20 from each and every shirt that is purchased, goes to the Save A Child’s Heart program.
That means that for every 500 shirts that are purchased, one child is saved.
Speaking as a Mother, who’s daughter had heart surgery when she was a baby – this is AWESOME, and I fully support and applaud Tiny Revolutionary for doing this!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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