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Spa Boutique; B. Kamins


As a Canadian Product Reviewer, I get the fortunate experience of being able to get a behind-the-scenes look at so many companies and their products. And, I am continually impressed by how many of them are right here in my own country!

Spa Boutique is an online shop which hails from Vancouver. To explain the store and their products would literally take me forever. This is because they carry the best of the best in skincare, make-up, hair products, bath, body….really, anything that you need to truly pamper yourself. This site has become one of my favorites to look through, because it’s actually like going to the spa! (Well, if I browse while the Twins are napping and it’s super quiet here…). There are dozens of helpful videos, made by the friendly and knowledgeable Sheena. These videos are a magnificent resource for tips, tricks and how-to’s on everything from applying eye cream to review on the products they sell. This review has taken me forever to get accomplished – every time I went to the site to gather information, I would instead browse, make my own wish-lists, or watch a video and learn some new tricks.

Another great aspect of Spa Boutique is the customer service. They prefer doing personalized Skin Care Analysis for their customers. Since skin care is so individual, they like to suggest what ingredients to look for in products, before purchasing. And, based on your skin and it’s needs, either they suggest products from the site or direct you elsewhere if they don’t carry a product that is perfect for you. Now how’s that for honest business!! Wow!

Spa Boutique sent me the B Kamins – Vegetable Skin Cleanser. B Kamins is a well-known and highly valued Canadian company, founded by a Chemist. Their feature ingredient is Bio-Maple which works to rehydrate, exfoliates (it contains pure AHA’s and antioxidants) and protect the skin (natural pH: hydrogen ion concentration necessary for healthy skin)
This cleanser has a natural pH, so it;s very mild and gentle on the skin. It’s also Oil-Free and Fragrance Free. I was recommended this product because of my Rosacea, yet it’s actually great for all skin types. Yet, it is also beneficial to those with sensitive, menopause, problematic and extra dry skin types.
The Vegetable Skin Cleaner is a clear gel that works into a white silky lather. I found that very little needs to be used. I also like that it doesn’t have a scent at all, with a name like ‘Vegetable cleaner’, I was initially very worried. I am very pleased with this facial cleanser, my face feels clean and fresh. I am happy to report that there is no dry and tight feeling after using it. Best of all, my face doesn’t get red and blotchy like ti does with some facial products – so I’d have to say that this is a great product for those with Rosacea. I am very pleased with this cleanser, and impressed that Sheena suggested it to me, without even looking at my skin.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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