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If you are looking for infant and toddler tops that have a huge variety of catchy and clever sayings on them, let me introduce you to Snugfits. The company is owned and operated by a Mom, who’s inspiration for the business was her son. What I like about Snugfits is all the choices! And the website is so well laid out, it’s easy to find what you are looking for, and really fun to just browse until that perfect one jumps out at you
(or two or three of them..)

Of course there’s tee for girls and boys. But, there is also sections for the ‘Political Baby’, ‘Funny Baby’, ‘Cultural baby’ and so much more. There is even ones for the ‘Multiple Baby’, which says their family rank.

Snugfits come in snapsuits (onesies) and short and long-sleeved tees and offer sizes from 0-24 months. I chose the long-sleeved for both the Twins’ Tees, because fall is right around the corner and we must be prepared for cooler weather. I chose the Rock Star Long-sleeved Tee from the ‘Rock & Roll Baby’ line. The black reinforces the rock and roll attitude while the pink adds that feminine touch. Yet, this tee also comes in 8 colors with 4 choices for the design.

We also got the It’s All About Me tee from the ‘Cute Baby’ line. I chose this one because even with 2 babies, both compete for everyone’s attention and like to be in the centre of it all. I chose the Brown colored tee (though there’s 7 other great colors). Again, I went with the pink writing. I like that the lettering is a generous size, and that it stands out really well. The photos of my Twins in their Snugfits aren’t edited in any way, except for my watermark and the frame – the design is truly that bold and bright.

Snugfits uses very thick and soft tees, the quality is great. They are pre-washed, for minimal shrinkage. The tee’s I have have been washed and worn many times without any additional shrinking, nor disruption to the designs. Yet, I do wash them inside out, just in case.
US customers will love that there’s Free standard Shipping at Snugfits – with no minimum purchase!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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