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Kewt Kids

Kewt Kids is an online shop run by a Mom of three in Vancouver, Canada. This longtime seamstress strives to make products that are of high quality, style and function. Well, isn’t that exactly what all Mom’s look for in a product?

I was sent a Kewt Bandana Bib. It is like a bib, but is more stylish. This is especially great for those droolers that need to wear a bib at all time, without the ‘I’m wearing a bib all the time’ look. Practical because it’s better than constantly changing the clothes. And it keeps them dry, which will be especially great to have in the winter especially. There are 40 great fabric choices for the Bandana Bib, there is a wonderful selection for any taste. We got the Groovy Flowers and the Lime Garden fabric. I like them both, as they are very modern looking. My babies don’t drool (luckily), so the Bandana bib is just an accessory for them. But, I have recently gifted one of them to a Mom I know, who’s daughter is a massive drooler. She thinks of the Bandana Bib as such a lifesaver….or maybe more of a sanity-saver! I also got the Happy Strap Bottle Leash, in the Pink Victorian and Pink Hawaii design (which suit my style perfectly). I adore Kewt Kids because the stitching is impeccable. The items are strong and sturdy, and great attention and care has been paid to the making of the items. The Happy Strap Bottle Leash can be attached to toys and soothers. Depending of what you are strapping it to, and where it’s anchored at, you may need to use some plastic links to help. But, there is those things in almost every room of the house (and car), so that is no issue with me. What I use this strap for the most, is sippy cups and bottles. Some of the other leashes I have don’t work very well for cups, so I appreciate something that keeps the girls’ food clean. I use them all the time in the car, there’s nothing worse than driving and having a cup tossed at you. Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing items (when they try to throw it out of strollers and carts). There are 11 fabric choices for the Happy Strap bottle Leash.


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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