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Green By Nature

Green by Nature is a natural bath and body care line of body lotions, body butters, body washes, body scrubs, lip butters and lip glazes. Their products are produced with beneficial plant extracts, essential oils and botanical essences. Their promise to their customers is products that are 100% free of Parabens, Sulfates, DEA, petroleum, Propylene glycol, Sacchrine, Dioxin, and Phthalate.

If you still wonder, why does that matter?
Let me explain:
Parabens are a preservative that is found in most shampoos and moisturizers – and it’s a suspected cancer-causing agent. (and so is DEA, a chemical used to produce a foamy cleaner)
Sulfates are chemicals that are used in cleaning products and they strip the natural barrier of the skin and are irritants….so, why are these in most body washes?? Not at Green By Nature!

I received a variety of Green By Nature products for review. Each Green By Nature product comes in many great natural flavors such as almond cocoa, mint green tea and banana shea. So, I was fortunate in being able to try out so many of items in different ‘flavors’.
*Please keep in mind, this company uses Pistacchio Oil in their products – so those with allergies beware. I always have to make this warning, as my husband has a severe allergy and reading labels and knowing the ingredients of anything is crucial.

The Body Butter is just like whipped butter. it’s think and creamy, yet doesn’t feel greasy. My favorite is the banana shea scent – it smells just like dessert!
The Total Body Scrub is full of exfoiliants that effectively get rid of dry skin. It leaves the area soft and clean. I recommend the mint green tea, because you feel really energized after scrubbing with it. The Mint Green Tea is the one I liked best in the Total Body Wash as well. Ideal for those areas that don’t need exfoliating (and is great for everyday use).
The Lip Butter is a chap stick, and it’s very soft on the lips. Also, it lasts a long time too. My favorite is the Lemon Verbena, as it’s mild and not too strong in scent. The Lemon Verbena is my pick for my favorite Cuticle Cream as well. the beeswax and almond oils work well to strengthen the nails and soften the cuticles.
The Lip Glaze is a thinner lip polish, and all of the ‘flavors’ are in the mint category. When you apply the glaze, it feels cool and tingly on the lips. Plus, the mint acts to freshen the breath as well. This minty taste is also in their Lip Polishes, which aren’t on the website though. Yet, they are a lip stick so you get some color to the lips.

In short, I really enjoy the Green By Nature products, they have done exactly what they are intended to do. Each one is infused with all natural antioxidants, emollients, conditioners and vitamins. These work together to moisturize the skin, while providing lasting protection from the elements.


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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