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Today’s culture is shifting away from plastic shopping bags. It used to be an option, yet now many stores are no longer supplying plastic bags at all, or charging for them. Being a frugal Mom, I refuse to pay that cost, so I have been using re-usable shopping bags for quite a while. You can get purchase them now at almost every store, yet like all things I see a great difference in the look and quality of these bags. Most are rather small, and all are an eyesore.

Envirosax is a company that provides an alternative to those disposable shopping bags that have caused so much damage to the environment. Their waterproof, reusable bags are lightweight, portable,and each one holds a lot of weight (thanks to reinforced seams). They come in some great styles and color choices, even kids’ styles and Organic. They are sold separately, or in a set – which is a better deal and you definitely need more than one shopping bag anyway!

I got the #4 bag in the Candy series. I liked the blue, tan and purple colors of this series, it’s both modern yet retro at the same time. Or is retro now modern?? Either way, I like the design, it looks so much better than the store-brand bags. With my other re-usable bags, they only fold in half and are usually thrown into the back of the van (and usually forgotten when going into a store) The Envirosax bag’s fold and clasp into a very small and compact bundle. This stays with me in my console, and easily thrown into the purse or diaper bag. So very convenient!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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