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Personalized Family Car Stickers

When I did my last review with giveaway for Belvedere Designs, I was really impressed with their Custom Vinyl Family Stickers. They were so nice to let me see them for myself, and now I can tell you all about it!

It seems that family stickers aren’t just for mini-vans anymore, I have seen these decals on cars and trucks alike. Belvedere Designs has the greatest selection of family stickers! You are able to customize each person to represent them perfectly. From size, hair and clothes – each member of your family can look in vinyl, just like their real personality and style. You can even choose their bodies to tell their favorite sport, hobby or passion. In fact, there is 11,000 possible combinations. But, Belvedere realizes that today’s family is not just parent(s) and children. They also have pets too. Plus, if the figurine look just isn’t for you – there are ‘themed’ families with images such as hot peppers, footprints, bears and more.
I am just as impressed with mine as I was when I first saw the options on the site. I like that I was able to easily choose each person in detail and that the process was simple and straight-forward. Right down to Sophia’s wild hair, it’s a fabulous representation of my own family. You also have the option of adding names and/or your last name as well.
Have a look at Belvedere Designs and especially the Auto Family Stickers.
I think you’ll like what you see.


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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