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Back to School with Frecklebox

I have talked about Frecklebox before on my blog, I really enjoy their quality personalized gifts. From storybook to growth charts, puzzles and more – they add that special touch to make an item ‘yours’.

Now, they have new additions to their collection – just in time for school. They offer personalized school folders that make spotting yours in a heap of others pretty easy. There are also journals, stickers, notebooks in their new School Collection. The styles are fresh and funky, I like that some of the new designs would please the older child as well.

For review, Frecklebox sent Isabelle her very own Personalized LunchBox. It has her name and an adorable kitty on it, her favorite animal. It’s a tin lunchbox, with a sturdy hinged closure. She started Kindergarten a couple days ago, and it’s the ideal thing for her to take along with her. Not only does it differentiate hers from the rest, having something that was made just for her makes her feel pretty lucky. Other styles include animal print, zoo animals, sports, cars and more. So, there is a design that would suit pretty much any kid.


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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