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Tickle Bellies

Tickle Bellies is an online stationary shop run by Colleen a Mom of two. Her items are so very adorable! From stationary, to invitations,tags and holiday cards – there is a lot to look through at Tickle Bellies. I like Colleen’s designs because they are fun, and that’s what life is about, right? In fact, their mission is to make you laugh down to your belly, and that is what I did.

I received the From the mom of…notepad. It was really easy to choose the look I wanted for the personalized heads. I was sure to make Isabelle the princess! There are so many great details for personalization, right down to hair color and type. My notepad is so sweet, and perfect for me. Seeing my girls on my notes does make me smile and chuckle. And, it’s one of those items that I had to store a sheet away for a keepsake. There are 100 sheets to the notepad, and the paper is thick and durable.

The address labels I got are really cute, with ‘3 Pastel Flowers’ on it. These fit both my own personality, but the playfulness in them are perfect for sending family pictures and cards. The colors used at Tickle Bellies are very vibrant and bold, very high quality products.
Isabelle also got one of their personalized bookmarks, a new item to the shop. It features her name, and colorful butterflies on it. It’s nicely laminated, with a delicate pink cord tassel as well. As she’s entering school very soon, this is a great thing for her to have.

** Disclosure: Product samples were sent for review purposes, all opinions are my own 



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