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For the last month, I had the great opportunity to review some products from bObles, a product from Denmark. bObles simple geometrically forms – cut into the shape of animals. These Tumbling animals are designed for use as children´s furniture, but are also designed for creative play. “The child is able to tumble, roll, balance, see-saw, rock, jump and gain some bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further development”.
They are a firm and sturdy foam (Hubby stood on one), yet still soft to touch. Since it’s not plastic, nor painted – it provides grip for kids to use (they do not slip and slide on them) bObles are also free of any toxins or phthalates, which is great because the babies like to taste them too. The fun striped and bold colors of the Tumbling animals make them appealing and fun for kids. Each piece resembles the animal, complete with a face. So, really, kids think they are playing with toys, yet they are really so much more.

I knew all of my children would love bObles, but I was particularly interested in trying these out on one of my Twins, Katie. Being a smaller twin, she has been behind her her gross motor skills since birth. She has been termed by doctors as having ‘hypotonia’ (decreased muscle strength) As compared to her twin sister (and other babies her age) she has always been months behind in sitting and crawling, due to her lack of muscle tone. I seen bObles as an option for exercise and strengthening, particularly for her. And the results I seen, were tremendous.I will briefly describe each bOble I received, and explain it’s primary function and what I found it to be useful for:

Crocodile ~ Resembling a staircase, it this was fantastic for climbing and for teaching the babies how to crawl up an incline. Plus, it’s a nice and soft (and small) tool to teach them to climb. Better this than the cabinets! It can also be used upside down, enabling it to act like a see-saw. Of course, Isabelle uses this to reach items as well!
Chicken ~ Isabelle uses the Chicken to stand on and practice balancing on one leg. When placed upside down, it can also be used as a see-saw. I laid the babies on the Chicken this way (on their tummies), so that they used their arms to lift up (push-up style)

Giraffe ~ This one isn’t on the site, but when used with the others, acts like a ramp. Isabelle enjoys walking up the Giraffe, and also using it as a chair.
Pig ~ It’s a thicker round shape (the fish is thinner). This is a perfect-sized chair for Isabelle, she likes to sit on it all the time. Since it has no backing, it strengthens the core, allowing her to use her back and tummy muscles. When placed on it’s side, it acts like a wheel. Isabelle rolls on the Pig bOble, much like I would on a stability ball. This is great for the core and arms. The twins also like to roll this around the floor and try to ‘catch’ it.

I have found bObles wonderful for increasing the strength and balance of a child. My doctor had referred Katie to a physiotherapist, and I told her that I was using bObles. She was delighted to hear that my children had bObles at home. She was familiar with the brand and was actually trying to get approval to purchase some, for use at the clinic. She said she highly recommended bObles.
They are also fun for the girls, it is valuable for broadening their imagination and creativity. Sometimes used for exercise, for lounging, for furniture or as aids to making a fort – this multi-use product definitely gets my thumbs up!

Refer to the bObles website for more information on the products, and for a list of retailers around the world.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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