Easy Daysies

Easy Daysies was invented by a Canadian Teacher and Mom. She used a visual daily schedule in her classroom to instill routine and organization for her students. It proved to be so effective that the parents wanted them for home too. So, she decided to turn her method of instruction into a product that anyone could use {Obviously, right?!}. Her final product is a magnetic series of cards that help children learn schedules and an find an answer to the question, “What are we doing today?”. This helps them have easier days (see the correlation to the product name?), thus making Moms day a little easier too.

I received a wonderful set of Easy Daysies to try at home, with hopes of organizing my own chaos. In the set were the Everyday and Family activities kit. These include the basics from having breakfast, going to the doctor and having a bath. (and a blank one in case there’s something specific you do in your day which is not included) I’d consider these 2 kits, ones that every kid could use. They are wonderfully made, and just the right size.
The cards are easy to arrange according to what you are doing that day, using as many or little as you need. My daughter, even before breakfast needs to know what we are doing that day. And her asking continues all day long. Even at night, “What are we doing tomorrow?” Easy Daysies makes it very easy for her to see for herself, it gives her reassurance. Plus, the words beside the picture have helped her with some reading too. She is starting to sound out letters and try to spell words, so she even spends a lot of time going through them like they are flashcards.

Easy Daysies are great with learning responsibility and helping at home too. If there is a chore conveniently placed before a special event like going out or park, she’s a lot more eager to do the chore so she can go. (Less ‘arguing’ Yippee!) Isabelle likes being in control, and seeing that she can participate in selecting the cards for the next day makes her very proud.
I like having them at home, but I can definitely see a need for Easy Daysies in the classroom too. Isabelle’s preschool had a definite schedule, and with so many kids, I noticed the teacher always repeats herself on what was coming next. This caused a lot of commotion and interruption during class time. This product would very beneficial for use by all teachers (gift idea!).

The cards are separated into packs according to age and events, yet they can all be mixed and matched to work with each other. I like that as they grow, there are other ones that teach them the next step in daily life. For instance, the clock kit would be great for Isabelle later on. Because now that she has gotten her answer to “What are we doing today?” it’s now “What time is this happening?”


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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