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Dali decals

This is my second time reviewing a product from Dali decals, Here is the first one. The company offers trendy decals for your walls, at some of the newest and trendiest designs. Unlike ordinary word art, (which is just fine mind you, I like word art too) – Dali decals offers fabulous designs and patterns that stand out in style and really adds a finishing touch to any room.

It is made from quality material, which is so easy to apply. Dali decals offers hundreds of choices in a vast array of colors. Buy as you see it, or request a size – the 24 hour customer service wants customers to be completely satisfied. And vinyl wall art is very easy to remove too, which makes redecorating in the future a breeze.

I got the ‘Cherry Blossoms – Flowers – Vinyl Wall Decal’, in the chocolate brown color. I must have walked around the house with it in hand wondering where to put it. My options were endless. I then noticed our main bathroom was lacking personality and thought it would look great on one wall, coming out of the mirror. I think I made a great choice, as it certainly adds character to the bathroom, gives it some color and texture. Also, adding beside a mirror like this made it look longer as well. I have received so many compliments on my bathroom vinyl art, I think it’s the first time anyone has complimented that bathroom! At $15 for this particular piece, it’s such a beautiful and lasting impression for a great cost!

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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