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Always Inspire is an ETSY shop run by a nice lady (and SAHM) from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Yep, she’s a Crafty Canadian!) Her shoppe is an accessory boutique, the items designed and sewn by her. What makes Always Inspire a go-to store is that only designer fabrics are used, creative and fun prints that spice up an otherwise ordinary accessory. And buying handmade and supporting a hardworking artist is always a great thing as well, isn’t it?!

I received the Sunglasses/Reading Glasses Case in the Heather Bailey fabric. In between the two layer is a line of fleece, to ensure that the glasses are well protected. Now, a glasses case it usually just that, and I have a pretty bland and boring one. It makes me realize that with a little jazz, a case can be fun and chic. Especially those that use glasses sporadically all day long. Their case becomes as attached to them, as their car keys. So, why not step it up a notch and provide them with a fashionable accessory that they would like to carry around.

I also got the Mini Wallet/Card Case, also in the Heather Bailey fabric. It’s a great size for those small items that are usually loose (and at high risk for getting lost). Keys, lipstick, cards, bills – whatever your need. I use mine for the car, holding gas cards, grocery cards – all the ones I don’t really need to keep on hand at all times. Having them in one place in the car frees up room in the purse yet still keeps them where I need them the most. I used to use a plastic card holder, which was an eyesore and cracked with the weather changes. The Mini Wallet Case from Always Inspire is a trendier alternative.

The sewing is fabulous with Always Inspire. Fine attention is paid to ensuring every piece is perfect. She is a wonderful seamstress with an eye for great fabrics. And, she is always adding new designer fabrics to the store, so it’s worth going back again and again to see what she has discovered!

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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