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Toggery by Kate D’Arcy

Since the beginning of my blog I have been introduced to (and have fallen in love with) Organic clothing. To me, there is just no comparison. I have a few times now featured brands and stores that carry such clothing for babies. But what about us? It’s time we put ourselves first and demanded stylish clothing in a comfortable style and fabric. I have a treat for you ladies…

Toggery is a line of women’s organic clothing made by fashion designer, Kate D’Arcy. The company launched in the fall of 2007, the items produced entirely in the US. Her fashions prove to have made an impact with both the everyday consumer and celebrities alike, her pieces were even highlighted on The View. Kate’s expertise and knowledge in fine fabrics is evident with her choices in certified organic cotton, bamboo and modal (made from recycled beechwood). This combined with the intelligent designs of her pieces, make Toggery a smart fashion choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

I received a few tops from Toggery by Kate D’Arcy, all of them from her Spring ’09 collection. And now, I have yet another reason to impatiently wait for the arrival of warmer weather.

The Shannon top came to me in the color black. It has a rounded neckline with gathering for a touch of flair. This top is my favorite because of the fact that it is the perfect length. Most of my tops seemed have gotten shorter after I had the Twins (or did I get longer?) In any case, I have a hard time finding tops that don’t need constant pulling down. The Shannon’s bottom hem is a tad bit smaller, which really helps to keep it down, and stay down as well. Yet, the core of the shirt is loose and comfortable, and hides all imperfections (dumb twin-tummy-muffin-top). Paired with jeans, capri’s or a skirt – Shannon has become one of my favorite items for clothing.

The Kirstin top came to my door in a pink hue (though the tag says lilac). What looks to be an ordinary t-shirt, actually comes unique with the cut of the sleeves. The sleeve starts low and ends to a 3/4 length finish. This transforms one of the the most popular items that we all have, into something quite classy.

I tried a dress named Lauren in a grey color. Now, for shorter people, this would make a great dress on it’s own. But for me (like the picture shows), I like it best with leggings. And Toggery sells these leggings as well. Depending again on your preference and comfort, this dress cane be worn with or without a belt. It has a gathered sleeve, which I think adds the femininity to the piece. Also, the banded U-neckline allows the dress to highlight the face.

All 3 pieces are incredibly soft (it’s the organic cotton!) and flowing, which is very figure flattering and easy to wear. Since the seasons where I live sort of blend and mix together, it’s good to have an array of options on hand (for when mother nature throws us a curve ball). When browsing though the lines offered from season to season, I notice that most of the Toggery clothing can actually be worn year round. So when shopping, be sure to look at all the collections from Kate D’Arcy – I am sure you’ll pick a couple favorites from each line. The affordable prices will impress you as well. I love the versatility of either going casual or stepping out in style with the help of Toggery. There is no sacrificing comfort in the name of fashion when it comes to the brilliant creations of Kate D’Arcy.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.

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