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Plueys is an amazing online store that will get you prepared and ready for the downpour that mother nature literally throws at us. This independent store features some pretty fabulous designs in rain boots for women and children. After all, just because it’s raining, that doesn’t mean that your style has to hide at home too! Get outside, celebrate the rain and the life that is created from it.

My daughter was sent a colorful rain boot from Plueys in the Berry Stripey design. It is colorful and vibrant stripes of red and cream. The top of the boot has a drawstring, to tighten around the leg to ensure no water gets in. Her old ones didn’t have this, and it was like not wearing boots at all (wet socks!). Looking out at the snow and cold, she wore these inside for about a week. Then, the temperatures rose a little and things started to melt. As soon as she seen that puddle out front, she ran for her Plueys and begged for me to “Grab the camera and come!” She splashed (in what little water she could find) and jumped, laughed and yelled. The smile on my face as I watched her, must have been so very wide. But, why was I just watching???

Plueys sent me a pair of women’s rain boots (Puddle Stompers) in the Go Fish design. A bold purple with lucky goldfishes on the sides. Ordering shoes online can be a nightmare. But, Plueys helps you pick the perfect size! And mine fit like a glove. Instead of the drawstring, they feature a stylish buckle on each side to make them tighter or looser. Quality-made boots in some pretty hip colors and designs. Plueys enables you to enjoy the rain, act like a kid and make a fashion statement all at the same time.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.

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