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As I look around me, I am afraid for my kids. The violence, the hate…it’ll be tough for them to grow up. Closer to home, they have to face bullies and the pressures to look and act a certain way. I need them to be strong, passionate and honest people, ones that stand up for themselves and be true to who they are. But in a world full of negativity and the media adding to this problem – raising them to do and be good to themselves and others will be a challenge.

DreamKids is a Canadian company (Yaaa!) that embraces the potential in children. Through their inspiring products, they encourage understanding, self-esteem and ‘dreaming big’. To begin kids’ journeys on a positive foot, parents should nurture their kids’ uniqueness and give them the confidence to aim high and be true. DreamKids apparel speaks this philosophy loud and clear through their apparel.

My Girls got DreamKids “Here to Change The World” tops. Onesies for the Twins,and a toddler Tee for Isabelle. They are 100% cotton and long sleeved, which I love. they are fit very nicely on each of them. The spirited design on the front really makes me smile when I read it. After all, kids are our future and they have the potential to make it a better place. And to start, they need to know that they are capable – how inspiring! (and adorable)

DreamKids gives back too! They not only provide hope and encouragement for kids, but they also help educate 130 million children who don’t receive proper education as well. Up to 50% of DreamKids proceeds are given to The DreamKids 130 Fund, to support organizations that are leading education initiatives around the world.

Purchasing DreamKids products are also a financial blessing. Prices are in CAN dollars, which is great for us and awesome for US customers. Canadians also receive Free Shipping on orders over $50.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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  1. I agree. We should be scared for all kids. The media has done a good job desenitizing us all including children. Negativity, hate violence is glorified now in movies, tv, video games. Its easy for children to get confused.

    “I need them to be strong, passionate and honest people, ones that stand up for themselves and be true to who they are.”
    –true. I admire your values

    Dreamkids seems like a great company. Nicely written article. has some interesting reading about changing how we think and changing our world.

    “May all beings find and hold happiness.
    May they all be free from suffering and sickness.
    May we look and see all others reflecting back

    There is only One Earth. There is only One Humanity–Namaste

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