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Dali decals

In the quest to beautify my home and add a spark of personality to my everyday surroundings, I have fallen in love with wall wording and wall decals. To me, it is the easiest and effortless form of decorating without the painstaking hassle of painting, building and cleaning up a mess.

Dali decals is an online store which features hundreds of designs that would beautify and transform any room of the house. Not only do they have items in stock and ready for purchase, but they are able to custom make any order as well. So, if you love a design but wish it were a bit bigger, for instance, your wish will be granted. And with over 40 colors to choose from, Dali decals is your one-stop shop for making your house a home.

I was able to try the Pretty Ornate Swirls, in black. What drew my attention to this particular piece was the versatility to take a pre-designed decal and make it my own. Because it came in a set of 6, I had the option of piecing them together to make one big design. Or, separate them and have more than one smaller design. The latter is what I chose, and chose to use these fabulous swirls to add more sass to my main picture wall. This wall has pictures of my girls and seemed like it needed something. When I saw the Pretty Ornate Swirls, I knew this is exactly what was needed to complete the look and make this wall stand out. Plus, I have more of this design to use elsewhere as well! Quite the bang for the buck.

Your Dali decals comes with instructions and a handy squeegee for easy application. And easy it was. I did this myself and it took me literally less than 10 minutes. I was particular in ensuring it was centred and even, but even if it wasn’t – the swirl design of this piece would allow for some room for error. The overall effect is stunning. And if I ever feel the urge to redecorate, just peel off without damage to the wall and the pain of a lot of work.

Just in case, if you ever need assistance with the products or have a question for Dali decals -their online and phone assistance is Available 24 hours a day.

Now, this is the first of many Dali decals features that you will see on My Organized Chaos. So, sit back and have a great look around the store and the products. Familiarize yourself, I guarantee you will be pleased.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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