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Baby Emi

I love pretty things, that may come as no surprise. I truly enjoy precious products for children that make you say “Awww!”. And one perfect example of products that will melt your heart is those by Baby Emi. This company was started by a Mom in California, who received traditional Cambodian jingle bells as a baby gift. Inspired by her heritage and her own darling children, she developed Baby Emi to celebrate and preserve her heritage and traditions.

Baby Emi’s signature piece (and the item that I have) is an anklet from the jingle bells collection. Mine is sterling silver, though you can get 18 kt gold plated as well. This finely crafted piece of jewelery is made with 10 small jingle bells on it. Important to note is that these are not loud bells that will become annoying! It is actually a very light and pleasant sound. Like the sound you’d picture a fairy would make, very magical.

So, it looks and sounds great. But, parents can use this for a purpose as well. Ever turn your back and wonder where the baby went so fast? (and they are fast!) Hearing the bells as they go sure does help. Especially with 2 or more kids to keep track of. My girls took a liking to this anklet (as they get older, it can be a bracelet too). They love to explore and kick, laughing at the sound. . I cringed when they started pulling at it, praying it would not break. It didn’t, and I was surprised that after a few attempts to tug it off, they eventually gave up and left it alone. The anklet is a little big for them right now, but in a few months it should fit perfectly. Being babies, I wouldn’t leave it on them unattended (in case of chocking). For right now, it is a beautiful accessory for special occasions.

You can get similar anklets for children and adults as well. Also, Baby Emi carries silver and copper Hand Stamped Necklaces in their Precious Metals Collection. There are a few designs beyond the usual circle and square ones you may have seen before.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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