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I have a few pieces of art on the walls of my house, yet there are mostly photos. Wedding, dating, baby – there isn’t a wall without a picture. Photofiddle takes your pictures and transforms them into artwork. Photos + Art, you don’t say?!?!
Photofiddle allows people to create art from their own photos using free online photo effects software. The site will transform any picture into art with over 50 photo art styles to choose from. Really, the choices are endless and the results will amaze you. For example, turn your picture into a cartoon, or a charcoal sketch. Any ordinary picture can look outstanding when some Photofiddle is added. You can also have your old, faded and torn (scanned) photos restored! it’s no wonder that Photofiddle made Oprah’s ‘O’ list in 2006.

This is an example of the ‘Fantasy Style’ effect which was applied to a picture of someones car. It gives the photo some movement and, it seems so much brighter and vibrant too. I bet this car owner has this displayed on a feature wall. A beloved picture turned into a work of art!

Photofiddle has 4 professional quality art products for you to print your designs:
-Professional Art Prints
-Artist Canvas Unframed/Rolled
-Professionally Framed Artwork
-Gallery Stretched Artist Canvas.

I contemplated sending our wedding picture or a photo from my favorite vacation destination, but ultimately – it’s all about my 3 girls. Once the photo-fiddling was complete, (that same day) I got back dozens of photo possibilities. You could actually see what the same photo would look like with each effect. And, I was able to zoom parts of the photo to 100%, to study the details of each look. It was so hard choosing which one I wanted! Photofiddle sent me my 3 girls in ‘Color Pencil’ on Stretched Artist Canvas (Framed). When I first saw it, I was in awe! An amazing 18″ X 12″ piece of art, of my precious girls. Complete with attached wire for hanging! The detail is stunning and has become cherished art in my home.

The Photofiddle site has more great features to it, that I just have to mention. You can track your order through the production process and shipping. So, you can always know “What is happening with my print?”. If you ever need help, live customer support is available by phone, email or live chat.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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