Part of the beauty of children is their active imagination. Their pure outlook on the world enables them to view everything as vivid and true. Unicorns exist, Barbies can talk and the moon is a man and there is indeed a cow that jumps over it. This is a marvelous quality that I adore in children and wish, as adults, that we still held these capabilities. One of the drawbacks to this ‘anything is possible’ frame of thinking, is the negative beliefs that come with it. Yes, monsters under the bed, creatures in the closet and “the basement really is a dungeon, Mom”! I don’t call them fears, but terrors as they seem to frighten children to the core, and effects them in a great deal of ways.

As parents, what can we rationally say to convince them? Simply, ‘They don’t exist’ just will not do. Kids need a belief that follows their train of thinking, something they can truly believe in.
…..There are the heroes to call on, banishing all that try to attack the kingdom of ‘Bedroom’ and pose a threat to your highness, “the child’. They are called The NightSprytes and they are dreamguides who protect children from the dangers at night, protection from monsters that sneak out in the night!

Ok, you get the idea (the book definitely does better rhyming than I do!) It is proven that 50% of children between the ages of 2-8 experience bedtime fears, a very real anxiety. To them, it is real and parents should take charge and empower them to confront and overcome their fears. Seth and David Bier (brothers and creators of NightSprytes) combined their backgrounds in comic book publishing with their own fears as children, to present a collection of toys and a story book. Through imagination, play and a cute little furry friend named Rollo – children can use the same vivid beliefs, to chase those night terrors away.

Rollo, being the brave and trusted friend is a stuffed toy which children can bring to bed. Like a favorite blanket or toy, children see their prized lovies as protectors and a sources of comfort. Rollo is made with bright colors and a friendly face. The book, ‘Bedtime with Rollo the NightSpryte’ is a colorful story of how Rollo is introduced to 2 kids (twins) when they have doubts with sleeping at night. A witty rhyming book, it challenges the idea of monsters as a source of fear and sheds a lot of light on the entire idea.

Rollo was fast in getting to our house, there is much work to be done here. I wouldn’t say Isabelle has a true nighttime problem when it comes to monsters. But, once in a while she gets a little freaked out and offers many excuses as to why she just has to sleep with me. (I blame commercials for horror films that air in the the early evening. Why, WHY do they do that??!) She immediately attached to her new blue friend, finding him a place to keep watch on her bed. The twins got their own Rollos too, mostly for chewing mind you. But this mom has no fear, the site actually offers a copy of their safety report to prove Rollo is great for all ages. The site also feature printable coloring pages for your kids to enjoy. Isabelle likes reading the book before bed, and also reading it to her sisters. As a Mom who likes not having the 3am, “Mom,can I sleep with you?”, I love that The NightSpryes gave my daughter confidence and comfort in sleeping alone.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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