Giggles Bibs

There is a staple that all parents need in raising their child. Bibs. They come in all shapes, styles and fabrics – and you can never seem to have too many. Just look around stores and the Internet and you will find a great assortment of all kinds of different bibs to choose from. Giggles Bibs is one such shop that specializes in Bibs, made by a Mom who created her designs out of a need by her own messy son. Giggles Bibs are vinyl and are hand sewn by the owner. What makes these separate from the rest is the original, funky designs that are used. It’s defiantly not your run-of-the-mill plain bib. Plus, you get to choose your color of decorative edging.

I was send a couple bibs to use for my twins. I got the Flower bib with a purple edging and the Glitter bib with a pink edging. I do like the design of them both very much, they are unlike any bib I have. I like these Giggles Bibs because you can wipe them down and re-use them, without having to stick them in the washer. No more panicking when you you discover that there are no more clean bibs. Great for home use, and to put into the diaper bag (I don’t like putting dirty bibs back into the bag. Just wipe and it’s ready for the next use). Giggles Bibs feature a crumb-catching pocket and is lightweight. It has a Velcro closure which makes it very easy and fast to put on and off. The size of the bib is great for newborns to toddler and helps protect outfits from all kids’ messy eating.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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