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Glade Sense & Spray

We all know the Scent-sational products made by Glade. We have their candles (I loved the holiday ones), sprays (A bathroom must) and their plug-ins. They now have a new product out that I think you will be interested in. Its called Glade Sense & Spray, an automatic air fresher that is triggered by motion.

There is no need to plug it in, the Sense & Spray is battery operated. You can put it in any room of the house, on a counter top or hung on a wall. This enables me to keep it out of little curious hands. Other fresheners release a constant smell that can often be overwhelming. The Sense & Spray only releases the fragrance when someone passes by. So, it’s only used when needed. No waste of money or smell when no one is there to enjoy it! It then goes into lock down mode for 30 minutes and cannot be triggered again by the sensor, unless you manually push the front button. (though there is the option to bypasses this lock down if you wish) The Apple Cinnamon scent I tried is delicious! A nice light smell. I put mine near the entrance to my ensuite, so I can enjoy the smell when I enter my bedroom or come out of the shower!
It comes in 4 great scents: Clean Linen, Apple Cinnamon, Powder Fresh & Country Garden. I really enjoy the smell and features of the Sense & Spray. It will now be a regular brand bought in my home.
“This post was written for Family Review Network
as part of a program by SC Johnson Glade,
who also supplied the product for the review and giveaway.”


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